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From the moment I met you, I knew. You are special. You have a certain aura about you. Not the silly glowing shenanigans "psychics" talk about. You have a truly upbeat feel about you. Whenever we talk your words swiftly brush away the mountains of anxiety that pin me to the ground. Whenever we talk, your words are gently lifting me above the storm clouds of life. With you, I feel more alive than ever and my heart races like it's running a marathon. With you, I feel free. Free to express myself, free to say anything in the world, always knowing that your unwavering smile and dazzling emerald eyes will still be there to greet my starstruck gaze. You have a smile so delicate, warm
and tender that flowers would seem as cold as steel. It is a smile so beautiful and true that I can never resist to return it with a foolish grin of my own. You alone have brightened my world in a time when I thought darkness was eternal, and you alone have struck me speechless. You are Forever in my mind.

And when you are away,
No matter how hard I try,
I can't shake you from my mind.
You are my saving grace,
The angel who helped me fly.

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